OneCalendar Premium

Features of the premium version

  • Appointment colors - Give appointments the color that you like. Pick a default color for all appointments of the calendar and make an exception for that one appointment that needs special attention.
  • Theming - Style OneCalendar entirely. Customize the background, menu's, windows and font color. Pick a theme you like from the predefined themes.
  • Search - Search for appointments in the past or appointments that are still to take place.
  • More appointment history - Synchronize up to 3 years of historic appointments instead of the usual 6 months.
  • Widget (Live tile) configuration - Configure which calendar's appointments are shown on the widget (live tile). Additionally, configure if birthdays and tasks are shown on the widget (live tile).
  • Immediate synchronization - See the appointments you have just created or modified in another app, on a website or in OneCalendar on another device in OneCalendar within seconds.
  • Navigation - See the route and navigate to your meeting directly from the appointment screen.
  • New features - If new features are added to the premium version, you can use them without extra costs.
  • Printing (Windows 10/11 only) - Print the day, week, month, year and list view and put it on your fridge for your other family members to see.
  • Automatic day rollover (Windows 10/11 only) - Use the automatic day switching of OneCalendar and always show the upcoming appointments for that day or week on your dashboard or meeting room entrance.
  • Hide promotional windows (Windows 10/11 only) - Choose to hide promotional messages and/or new feature announcements of OneCalendar on startup.

Premium license

A premium license is required per platform group (Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows). Unfortunately the Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Microsoft Store don't allow cross platform licensing.

The premium license is valid on all your devices on the same platform as long as you use the same store account.

The license fee is a one-time payment.