Time(zone) issues

Appointment spans two days or appointment date/time is wrong (time zone issues)


One or more of these issues:


This is caused by the fact that the time zones of your calendar(s) differ from the time zone of your device (PC/Laptop/Tablet).


Set the time zones of your device and calendars the same. Follow the steps below.

Close OneCalendar

Close OneCalendar with one of the following options:

Setting your device time zone

Open the start menu and type 'date and time settings'

Click Time and Language

Click Date and Time and set the time zone to your current time zone

Setting your Google Calendar Timezones

Open your Google Calendar in the browser and select the calendar settings

NOTE: You will have to do this for all Calendars!

Correct the timezone

Setting your Live/Outlook/Hotmail timezone

Open your Live/Outlook/Hotmail Calendar in the browser and select Options

Set timezone